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The Promise, DMC, Hurts, Natalie Cole, Madonna, Blancmange, Silkey,
Top 100 1984, updates DJ Booth and all 3 DJ Remix Vaults.


Updates this afternoon:

Megamixes, Madonna, Ben Liebrand, Hurts, Pet Shop Boys (2 new entries),
Depeche Mode, Disco Collection, Mixtures, Disco Dance Hits, Disco
Injection, Can’t Slow Down, Bee Gees, DMC, Usual Suspects, Chaka Khan,
80’s Mixes, Pet Shop Boys, Remix! Import & Top 100 1984.

Updates this morning:

Madonna, DMC, ACE, Foreigner, Owl City, John Mayer, Concerts,
Now This Is Music Series, Hurts (2 new entries), Various 80’s
12″ & remixes, Pet Shop Boys, Soul, Funk & Disco, Chicago, Mastermix,
Natalie Cole, Art Of Mix, George Michael & Susan Boyle.


Madonna Mix, Sonia, Natalie Cole, Simon Harris, KLF, Suzanna Vega,
Pete Burns, New Wave Club Tracks, Faithless, N-Trance, Ben Liebrand
(3 new entries), Jennifer Lopez, Brand New Heavies, Alternative Radio,
Luther Vandross, Paula Abdul, Heavy D, Madonna, Art Of Mix &

updates sunday: 

DMC, Susan Boyle, Ace, Titiyo, Foreigner, Pet Shop Boys,
Luther Vandross, Now This Is What I Call Music, Top 100 1984 (100
entries), Syke'n Sugarstarr, Gun.

Finally feeling better and we start with a bang!

REMIX UNIVERSE is shut down by WordPress for copyright infrigment, interesting since 99% posted there is from closed DJ Remix Services. I see it as a compliment I guess.

Updates forum:

New members, Live Concerts, Bootlegs, Maroon 5, Company B,  Madonna,

Non Stop Disco Heat Compilations, 150 new DMC entries, 30 new Mastermix

Entries, X-Mix, Paula Abdul CD Maxi’s + rare promo’s, The Time, Dire Straits,

Remixes, Art Of Mix, Megamixes, Mash Ups, iMix entries, Donations, Bee Gees,

Brandy, Alternative Radio, Compilations, Beavis & Butthead, Foreigner,  tons of new stuff in DJ Booth & DJ Remix Services Vaults.

Ace, Ray Parker Jr, Mick Jackson, Tiffany, Dollar, Roxette, Megamixes,
Machinations, Ben Liebrand, iMix, Countdown, African Business, The
Damned, Erasure, The Romantics, Dreamtime Mixes, Evo-XR Mixes, Street
Tracks & updates in all 3 DJ Remix Services Vaults.


Ace, Ray Parker Jr, M/A/R/R/S, Tiffany, Dollar, Roxette, Tons of
Maxi-Singles, Machinations, DMC (39 NEW ENTRIES!!!), Ben Liebrand,
Talking Heads, Erasure, The Romantics + very successfull Donation

Forum Back up

The forum back up, and for many other sites are on a server which broke down, they move everything to a new server now.  Until then we can’t realluy use the forum and are there no updates.

the Forum:

Donation Campaign seems to be succesful so far! Thanks all people who donated! 🙂


DMC, Mastermix (3 new entries), Jon Astley (2 new entries), Suzy Q, Talking Heads,

The Alarm, House Flash, Barry Manillow, Natalie Brown, Out, Acapella’s,

Chakra, New Members, T-Spoon, DJ Megamix vol. 4, Erasure Box Sets &

Ray Parker Jr.


A lot of updates the last few days, check m out here:


8 new DJ Remix Services entries @ the blog.

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