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The updates:

Summerslam, Mastermix, top 100's (4 entries), Megatone Records, Taxxi,
Two Steps From Hell, OMD, The Venetians (3 New Entries), 80's remastered,
Sinead O'Connor, Company B, Keedy, Alexander O'Neal & updates in all
3 DJ Remix Services Vaults.

Couldn’t post here yesterday, wordpress didn’t let me.

Updates Forum 28 September:

Mega-Mixx/Rave-Mixx, Miquel Brown, Miami Sound Machine, D'Mob, Black Box,
Acapella's, 80's albums re-issued, PWL Mastermixes, Dance Attack 12''es,
X-Mix (15 new entries!) & updates DJ Remix Services Vaults.
Updates Forum 29 September:

The Fixx, X-Mix, New Members, Lipstick, Hot Tracks, Miquel Brown,
Max-Mix, Mastermix, 80's Remastered, Top 100's, OMD, Phil Ellis,
Jive Bunny, Acapellas, updates 3 DJ Remix Services Vaults.

Updates this morning:


Ben Liebrand, SWV, Midnight Passion, U2, Mastermix, Fun Factory, Union,
80's Albums Re-issued/Re-mastered, Mega-Mixx, Tia, Simply Red, X-Mix,
Miquel Brown, Dan Hartman, Red Flag, Remix Nation, Seven Red Seven,
Afrika Bambaataa, Queen/Freddie Mercury, updates DJ Remix Vaults (3).

Forum updates 25 September:

Excited, Mega-Mixx, Vesta Williams, Kool & the Gang, Pajama Party, R.E.M.
PWL, Kristin Baio, Adele (2 entries), Ben Liebrand, Kylie Minogue, Blackline,
Scatman John, Discotech, DMC, Disconet, Hot Tracks, U2, Jesus Jones,
Direct Hit, New Members, April, The Party, Sugarhill Gang, Adele,
Mastermix (10 new entries), Tecno Rockers & Brenda Russell.

Forum updates 26 September:

Select Mix, Pomplamoose, Barry Manilow, Ben Liebrand (3 new entries),
Cartouche, U2, R.E.M., Jesus Jones,PWL, SWV, M/A/R/R/S, Strike, April,
Queen, Genesis, Mash Ups, Blondie, Ace of Base, X-Mix, 80's albums
reissued, DJ Remix Vaults, Red Flag & Seven Red Seven.

RIP Vesta Williams

updates Forum:

Deee-Lite, Dan Hartman, Bronski Beats, The Flirtations, Expose, The Machine,
Seven Red Seven, Dusty Springfield, Adele, Mastermix, Hot Tracks, John
Morales, Roxette, CD Pool, Branda Russell, Culture Shock, Violent Femmes,
Prince, R.E.M., Example, PWL, Astaire, David Bowie, Max Who, Kristin Baio,
Pajama Party & Morgan Page.
Remix Universe Blog:
8 new postings yesterday. Check m out here:

The updates this morning:


Terence Trent D'Arby, The Party, Prime Cuts, Boys From Brazil, Suzanne Vega,
Ace Of Base, Prince, Videos, X-Mix, Madonna, R.E.M., CD Pool, Freda Payna,
World Greatest Euphoric Trance, Beats International, Psychedelic Furs,
Roxette, PSB (3 entries), Blondie, Ben Liebrand, Seven Red Seven, Adele, 
Cause & Effect, Gary Moore, World's Greatest House, Mastermix, Dusty
Springfield, Brenda Russell & updates all 3 DJ Remix Vaults.

A smaller list today but what a boatload of material! 🙂

Clipper, Pajama Party, Terence Trent D'Arby, 149!!! PWL Mixes, the Gym,
Hoxton Whores, CeCe Rogers, Mash Ups, MSN, Gloria Gaynor, A'Me Loraine,
Ultimate Salsoul Megapost!, CD Pool, Madonna Remixes, Trance & Retro
12''es (18GB!) & Kylie Minogue Videos.

5 new entries on the REMIX UNIVERSE Blog including the rare Metro Mix & Germix .

Wow! What an amount of updates again! 🙂

Depeche Mode, PSB, The Cure, DMC, Mixes & Mash Ups, Blondie, Naisha,
Turn Up The Base, Rock Mixes, Cameron Paul, Maquina Total, Ultrasound,
Yabba Dabba Dance, Jesus Jones, Dance Attack, Brenda Russell, 2 Puerto
Ricans, Gene Loves Jezebel, David Bowie,Hot Tracks, Madonna, Genesis,
Adele, Taylor Dayne, PSB, klf, Roxette, Christopher Cross, Alexander O' Neal,
Terence Trent D'Arby, Loleatta Holloway, Healeys Theme, Almighty Showgirls,
Radio, Blogspot, Umboza, Strike, Samantha Fox, Astaire, Tyler Collins,
Culture Shock, A'Me Loraine, OMD & The Machine.

5 new entries on the REMIX UNIVERSE blog + more to come today.
Check it ot here:

A smaller list op udates today:

DMC, Discotech, Simphonia, Roxette, Jesus Jones, Sinead O'Connor, Genesis,
12''/80's Grooves, INXS, Grandmix, David Bowie, Missing Persons,
Jason Donovan (2 entries), Brenda Russell, Depeche Mode, Hot 97 Radio Shows,
Pebbles, Debbie Gibson, B-52's, 2 Unlimited, Mixx-It, David Bowie &

The forum updates this morning:


Roxette, Ben Liebrand, Grandmaster Flash, Sique Sique Sputnik, New members,
the Gym, David Bowie mixes, Baby Ford, Pet Shop Boys, Adele, X-Mix,
Psychedelic Furs, Grandmix, Buckshot LeFonque, Madonna 10 new entries,
Sinead O'Connor, Breanda Russell, Bronski Beat, Deee-Lite, Kon Kan,
Jesus Jones, Dan Hartman, Jennifer Lopez, Nancy Martinez, Jason Donovan,
Simphonia & Snoop Dogg.

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