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Machinations, Ben Liebrand, iMix, Countdown, African Business, The
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Tracks & updates in all 3 DJ Remix Services Vaults.


Ace, Ray Parker Jr, M/A/R/R/S, Tiffany, Dollar, Roxette, Tons of
Maxi-Singles, Machinations, DMC (39 NEW ENTRIES!!!), Ben Liebrand,
Talking Heads, Erasure, The Romantics + very successfull Donation

Forum Back up

The forum back up, and for many other sites are on a server which broke down, they move everything to a new server now.  Until then we can’t realluy use the forum and are there no updates.

the Forum:

Donation Campaign seems to be succesful so far! Thanks all people who donated! 🙂


DMC, Mastermix (3 new entries), Jon Astley (2 new entries), Suzy Q, Talking Heads,

The Alarm, House Flash, Barry Manillow, Natalie Brown, Out, Acapella’s,

Chakra, New Members, T-Spoon, DJ Megamix vol. 4, Erasure Box Sets &

Ray Parker Jr.


A lot of updates the last few days, check m out here:


8 new DJ Remix Services entries @ the blog.

check m out here:

The updates this morning:


Retro Shock, Romantics, Freddie Jackson, Ben Liebrand DMC, Hot Streak,
Jody Watley, Opus, Donation Campaign, DMC (7 New Entries), Deee-Lite,
Wet Wet Wet, Stars On 45, Adele, Dreamtime Mix, So80's & updates
in all 3 DJ Remix Services Vaults + DJ Booth.

what’s new today:

Swing Out Sister, Stars On 45, The Other Two, Hot Speed, Mastermix,
Wally Badarou, Couldcut, 49ers, Daisy Dee, Clubland, Romantics,
DMC, D-shake, Holly Johnson, Sadie Nine & Mixshow Ingredients.


We added a poll yesterday, hope people will respond on it. 🙂

small update today:

Dream Time Mix, ABC, DV8, Steven Dante, DMC, Romantics (2 entries),
Megatone Records, Man2Man, Trutone, Ben Liebrand, Mastermix (5 new
entries), Coldcut & updates DJ Remix Services.



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X-Mix, Alisha, Dan Hartman, David Guetta, Mash Ups, The Doors,Acapellas,
Red Box, Pearls of the 80's, Clubtrax, Bingoboys, Fine Young Cannibals,
Talk Talk, DJ Remix Vaults updates.

+ 4 updates on REMIX UNIVERSE