Finally feeling better and we start with a bang!

REMIX UNIVERSE is shut down by WordPress for copyright infrigment, interesting since 99% posted there is from closed DJ Remix Services. I see it as a compliment I guess.

Updates forum:

New members, Live Concerts, Bootlegs, Maroon 5, Company B,  Madonna,

Non Stop Disco Heat Compilations, 150 new DMC entries, 30 new Mastermix

Entries, X-Mix, Paula Abdul CD Maxi’s + rare promo’s, The Time, Dire Straits,

Remixes, Art Of Mix, Megamixes, Mash Ups, iMix entries, Donations, Bee Gees,

Brandy, Alternative Radio, Compilations, Beavis & Butthead, Foreigner,  tons of new stuff in DJ Booth & DJ Remix Services Vaults.