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The updates this morning:


Retro Shock, Romantics, Freddie Jackson, Ben Liebrand DMC, Hot Streak,
Jody Watley, Opus, Donation Campaign, DMC (7 New Entries), Deee-Lite,
Wet Wet Wet, Stars On 45, Adele, Dreamtime Mix, So80's & updates
in all 3 DJ Remix Services Vaults + DJ Booth.

what’s new today:

Swing Out Sister, Stars On 45, The Other Two, Hot Speed, Mastermix,
Wally Badarou, Couldcut, 49ers, Daisy Dee, Clubland, Romantics,
DMC, D-shake, Holly Johnson, Sadie Nine & Mixshow Ingredients.


We added a poll yesterday, hope people will respond on it. 🙂

small update today:

Dream Time Mix, ABC, DV8, Steven Dante, DMC, Romantics (2 entries),
Megatone Records, Man2Man, Trutone, Ben Liebrand, Mastermix (5 new
entries), Coldcut & updates DJ Remix Services.



Maroon 5 (2 new entries), Stereo Mc's, Telex, DMC, Ben Liebrand, DV8,
X-Mix, Alisha, Dan Hartman, David Guetta, Mash Ups, The Doors,Acapellas,
Red Box, Pearls of the 80's, Clubtrax, Bingoboys, Fine Young Cannibals,
Talk Talk, DJ Remix Vaults updates.

+ 4 updates on REMIX UNIVERSE

The updates this morning:


Tia, Donation Campaign, Cut 'n' Move, Michael Jackson, Hazell Dean,
DMC, Chicago, Stars on 45 Discog, 80's Remastered, Ladytron, Adele,
Culture Shock, Eurythmics, Madonna, Nelly Furtado, DMC 1-25, Edie
Brickell, Jennifer Lopez, Rozalla, The Other Two, Nu Shooz, Was Not
Was, DV8, Claudja Barry, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Alisha, Expose,
Communards, Telex & Lime.


15 new postings went up for our Hot Tracks Sunday. Check m out here: 

Then, the updates of this morning:


New members, Tia, Lady GaGa, The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Dreamtime Mix,
Megamixes, Michael Jackson (3 new entries, Will Smith, Edie Brickell,
Acapella's, HTF Remix Services, Alisha (3 new entries), Ben Liebrand, 
Dubstar, Scott Goddard, Prime Cuts, Urban Dance Squad, Kayne West,
Natalie Cole, DMC series & tons of updates in all 3 DJ Remix Services

Queen, Pointer Sisters, Kate Bush, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Brenda Russell,
Ben Liebrand, The Machine, Cut 'n' Move, X-Mix, Eagles, Michael Jackson,
M/A/R/R/S, Compilations (100 new entries!!!), New York Scratchmasters,
MTL Project, Domino, Lipstick, Sally Day, Bass Bumper. + 45 other new entries.

The new stuff:


Swing Out Sister, Madonna (3 new entries), Acapellas, Old Skool Mixes (3),
Sadie Nine, PetShop Boys (4 new entries) , Erasure, Ben Liebrand, Blogger's
Corner, Eighth Wonder, Company B, Top 100's (10 new entries), OMD, Queen,
Icehouse, Big Country, Multi Tools, Black Wax, DMC, Mastermix &
updates in all 3 DJ Remix Services Vaults.

Some great updates today:


Mastermix, Culture Shock, New Culture Shock Forum, Blogs, Pet Shop Boys,
Blondie, Swing Out Sister, Tears For Fears, House Keeping, Ben Liebrand,
Street Tracks, Monet, Claudja Barry, Taxxi, Lady Gaga (2 new entries),
Duran Duran (6 new entries), Queen, Mixx-It, Midway, La Toya Jackson,
Electronic, Branda 'K' Star, Dan Reed Network, Icehouse, Orch M in the Dark,
Madonna (2 new entries), Peter Slaghuis, Tavares, X-Mix & Olly Murs.